party safe ambassadors



Ryan Conrad | senior, MCd biology

I chose to get involved with Party Safe because I wanted to challenge the misconceptions and stigmas around partying in the college setting. Having the opportunity to be both a student and work in Residential Life gave me insight into how having a healthy social life goes hand-in-hand with having a working knowledge on how to party and experiment safely. My goal is to spread awareness of Party Like a Slug and to ensure my fellow slugs always party safe!  


Anna Maria Camardo | Junior, HAVC

I got involved... because I was impressed with the accessible and relatable resources they provide. I am especially impressed with the harm reduction philosophy promoted by SHOP and that the information provided focuses on safety and self-care rather than prohibition and intimidation.


Dre Felton | Junior, Neuroscience

I got involved because giving back to my community is something that has been hammered into my head since I was a kid...The UCSC community is and has been responsible for my growth as a human being and I feel indebted and want to give back.


Amira Wheeler | Senior, Cognitive SCIENCE

I got involved... because I love the concept of creating an open, safe, non-confrontational dialogue about drugs and alcohol. I am a firm believer in creating these sorts of environments on our campus instead of attacking students that participate in these activities.



Karthika Saravanavijayan | SENIOR, MCD biology 

I got involved... because I am interested in health and I find it extremely important to be conscious of health in regards to drugs and alcohol. Coming together as a community around these issues, in which we aren’t conventionally expected to openly discuss, is fascinating.


Sanam Noorani | JuNior,  Neuroscience & Env. Studies

I got involved... because SHOP provides great resources for students and I wanted to be part of the team that creates those resources. I am a huge advocate for partying safe and creating good habits.