party safe ambassadors



Ana Radnovic | senior, Neuro & Cognitive Science

 I got involved with the Party Like a Slug: What's Your Party Plan? program because I was really interested in working alongside my peers to help our community learn more about how to have fun at parties while being safe. I was shocked and saddened to learn that we have lost UCSC students to overdose death and I just wish these students knew that there were safe spaces on campus to talk about their experiences and get support.  


SYDNEY RANKIN | Senior, MCD Biology 

I got involved... because I believe that it is totally possible to party without anyone being harmed in the process. I would like to help provide my peers with the information needed to achieve this balance. 


Dre Felton | Sophomore, Neuroscience

I got involved because giving back to my community is something that has been hammered into my head since I was a kid...The UCSC community is and has been responsible for my growth as a human being and I feel indebted and want to give back.


Amira Wheeler | JUNIOR, Cognitive SCIENCE

I got involved... because I love the concept of creating an open, safe, non-confrontational dialogue about drugs and alcohol. I am a firm believer in creating these sorts of environments on our campus instead of attacking students that participate in these activities.



Demetrius Youngblood | SENIOR, SOCIOLOGY 

I got involved... because it embodies all of the values that I've been trying to instill in my friends and peers. I have advocated for going out and having fun, yet making sure that you are responsible in the types of fun you have!


Hailey Gonzales | Senior,  Human bio

I got involved... because I am a firm believer in preventative care. I believe that educating about the risks that can lie within specific activities within a community can have a great impact on the general health and well-being of that community.