Party like a SLUG! What’s your Party Plan? is based on the philosophy that you can have a fun social life in college without putting yourself or others in danger. That you can drink without bingeing or blacking out. That you can experiment without putting yourself at risk for synergistic overdose. That you can have fun while still taking care of yourself and your peers.
— Mission Statement, Party like a SLUG!

SHOP's alcohol and other drug education prevention campaign borrows heavily from the great work of our colleagues at UC Santa Barbara. Party Like a SLUG! What's Your Party Plan? will strive to provide information, strategies, and opportunities to engage in honest dialog to help make your partying experience safer and more fun. 

Slow Down, be safe & sensible

Stick to the buzzed feeling to lower your risk. Eat before you go out - real food and plenty of it. Count your drinks and be sure to set a limit before going out. Sip your drinks. Hard and fast drinking leads to more severe consequences. Alternate with water or other non-alcoholic beverages. 

look out for one another

Be willing to step up and take action to assist others if needed. Recruit and utilize your friends and others if you feel the need to intervene. If you see a friend in a situation, try saying: "Do you want to get food?" or "Do you want to go to another party?" And, it is always okay to remove yourself from a sketchy situation. 

understand the facts

Alcohol is the most widely used  and most widely abused drug. Alcohol has a lethal dose like any other drug. Mixing alcohol and any other drug is dangerous. Mixing drugs have unpredictable and uncontrollable synergistic effects. There are very serious consequences of excessive high-risk drinking. 

get help when needed

There are lots of resources available to you on and off campus. Call 911 if someone shows signs of alcohol poisoning. Notify the local police, apartment manager, and/or landlord of any suspicious individuals. Do not be afraid to make a scene if you're being threatened.